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In 1791 a young Thomas Hine started on a journey from Dorset, England, and in the midst of the French revolution migrated to the Cognac area in France. While he was once suspected of being a spy because of his status as a foreigner, he married Francois Elisabeth, whose father operated a cognac company in Jarnac. From then on he breathed new life into cognac production. Up until he passed away in 1822, he made the business prosperous and built up the quality of cognac to such a level that it became well known around the world. At Hine, only 2 areas from the famous Cru areas of Cognac are selected; Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne, and from there only the best grapes are selected from 50 homesteads. Only Cognac that is suitable for long aging periods and with a quality higher than that of VSOP is made. In order to maintain a consistently high standard, the wine is aged for a lot longer than the legally imposed minimum aging period.

Rare (Fine Champagne))
Rare (Fine Champagne)

This is the most delicate of all of the Hine Cognacs with an aroma that evokes fruit and a consistent, mellow taste. One can say that this blend of more than 25 kinds of Cognac is a “traditional” Hine.

Antique XO (Fine Champagne)
Antique XO (Fine Champagne)

The aroma of spice and strong vanilla in the light, delicate fragrance is characteristic of this wine. Complex and well balanced flavor is velvety, with a supple and rich texture.

Triomphe (Grande Champagne)
Triomphe (Grande Champagne)

Harvested from the most superior area in Grande Champagne, this is a very special Cognac blended from 50 Cognacs selected from a number of “old Cognacs” that have aged for many years. First one can feel the complexity, then fruit and flowers and tobacco. Each subtle nuance becomes one exquisite aroma, with surprising finesse and depth.

Vintage 1975    (Grande Champagne)
Vintage 1975 (Grande Champagne)

The characteristics of this extremely powerful 1975 vintage Grande Champagne are the tannins and spice. Cloves, spice and oak wood are impressive, with volume and an extremely long finish.

Vintage 1957    (Grande Champagne)
Vintage 1957 (Grande Champagne)

This light amber color Grand Champagne has an extremely firm impression. Not too strong, it shows aromas of dried fruits and is very nice on the palate. Evokes the smell of flowers and fruit. Perfectly balanced.

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