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Cote-Rotie is the area in the northern Rhone widely acknowledged to be the site where the vine was first cultivated by the Romans. Located high above the town of Ampuis and the Rhone River, Domaine Jamet produces tiny quantities of stunning Cote-Rotie. Bobby began working with Joseph Jamet in 1979, and his sons, Jean-Paul and Jean-Luc, now run the property. The work is divided between the two brothers, and over the past fifteen years Jean-Luc and Jean-Paul have done much to improve estate. Jean-Paul’s wife Corinne deals with bottling and packaging of the wine. The cave is now completely gravity fed, allowing them to make their wine without pushing the fruit or pumping the juice. The Jamets have 6 hectares of vines averaging between 25 and 50 years old, and 3 more hectares of young vines recently planted. Yields are kept consistently low (35 hecto/ hectare), with 75% of fruit coming from the Cote Brune and 25% from the Cote Blonde. The Domaine Jamet apply “La lutte raisonnee”.

AOC Cote-Rotie

Soil Type: Schistous Soil
Yield: 33hl/ ha
Viticulture: Due to the hilly nature of the terrain, cultivation is mostly manual.
35% destemming, 22 months ageing in oak barrels, 20% of which are new barrels. In the first 3- 5 years, this wine is in a young and fruity stage. It has spicy aromas with nuances of blackberry and blackcurrant. Pronounced tannins so good for keeping; a “vin de garde”.
Serving: To be served at 17℃ with game meat: hare, pheasant.

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