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Clos Lapeyre

For three generations, the Larrieu family has been growing vines on an area of their estate traditionally used for mixed farming. They made their first vintage in 1985. Jean-Bernard Larrieu, his father Marcel, and the rest of the team at Clos Lapeyre tend to the vines on the steep hillsides facing the Pyrenees. The vineyards are planted on slopes at an altitude of between 250 and 350m. Because of the steep incline, some 9ha (19 acres) of the estate are planted on terraces. Jean-Bernard Larrieu makes the wines, and his aim is produce wines that express the specificity of the grape varities and the soils (pebbly clay/limestone and silex). Jean-Bernard is introducing organic viticulture here: he avoids herbicides, works the soil to encourage deep rooting, and uses natural composts. The attention to detail and terroir-focused approach shows in the wines, which are wonderfully original

Lapeyre Sec ( AOC Jurancon Sec )

A very aromatic wine, very floral with fresh fruit flavors, well balanced with long, beautiful expressions of Gros Manseng with fresh citrus and mineral on the finish. On the palate, it’s very supple with plenty of fruit, an oily richness and good length. Particularly adapted to all types of seafood and grilled fish, but also recommended with charcuterie and goat's cheese.

 Grape Variety
100% Gros Manseng


Vitatge Vielh de Lapeyre ( AOC Jurancon Sec )

Harvested from old vines (at least 60 years).The Vitatge Vielh is beautifully golden in appearance and on the nose shows aromas of dried and stewed fruit, spicy bread and honeyed acacia. Upfront and vivacious, this wine is an unctuous well-structured mouthful. There is perfect balance between a graceful acidity and richness and persistency.

 Grape Varieties
50% Petit Manseng, 40% Gros Manseng and 10% Courbu

※Cepage varies slightly according to cepage.


Mantoulan ( AOC Jurancon Sec )

Mantoulan is the name of a little locality at 500 m in the West side of Clos Lapeyre. Perfect balance of white fruit aromas, apricot and flowers, good acidity on the finish. Whiteflowers and spices notes both in the nose and in the palate. A dry white wine that is very well textured with a lot of fat and volume.

 Grape Varieties
80% Petit Manseng, 10% Courbu, 10% Camaralet

※Cepage varies slightly according to vintage.


La Magendia de Lapeyre ( AOC Jurancon )

Magendia means “pre-eminence of Petit Manseng left to raisin on the vine,”. This sweet wine glints luminous gold. The nose is intensely toasty accompanied by stewed exotic fruits; the palate is full bodied, simultaneously fresh and rich, and can be enjoyed like a dessert, delivering complex tastes which become gradually refined.

 Grape Variety
100% Petit Manseng


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