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EtablissementsJean-Pierre Moueix

Situated in Libourne along the Dordogne River, the Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix was founded in 1937. It deals exclusively with the Right Bank and Northern red wines of Pomerol, Saint-Emilion, Canon-Fronsac and Fronsac. The Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix also owns and distributes some of the best and most famous chateaux in each area including Petrus, La Fleur, Trotanoy, Magdelaine, Lagrange and La Fleur-Petrus. Currently it specializes as a negociant house focusing on the Libourne area, dealing exclusively with quality wines from select small chateaux.

Chateau de la Commanderie

This magnificent property of 40 hectares of which 26 are planted with vines has belonged to the LAFON family since 1955. The name “commanderie” takes its origin from the hospitals that were established alongside the pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostel (in northern Spain). The vineyard has an average age of 25 years and spreads just around the building on a warm and predominantly gravely soil where the cabernet grape shows all its finesse and delicacy. The cultural and winemaking techniques have remained traditional and low-yield oriented. Both fermentations as well as the “maceration” (an approx. 2 weeks long skin contact) take place in heat controlled concrete tanks. For decades, Ets Jean-Pierre Moueix takes care of the ageing in their cellars before selling this wine to the major export markets.

 Grape Varieties
Merlot 75%, Cabernet Franc 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

※Cepage varies slightly according to vintage.

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