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Hugel Classic 

Generic Hugel wines are made exclusively from grapes purchased from winegrowers under long-term contract in the most favored localities around Riquewihr. The genuine shape of Alsace wine can be seen in these Hugel wines, where the characteristics of each grape and vintage are expressed in their integrity.

Hugel Gentil Hugel Gentil

The early Alsace tradition of wine made with a combination of noble grape varieties is restored with “Gentil”. This wine is a superb harmonization of the spicy flavor of Gewurztraminer, the body of Pinot Gris, the finesse of Riesling, the fruitiness of Muscat and the freshness of Sylvaner. It offers lovely scents of rose petal, parsley, and meat stock, a juicy, soft palate with discrete suggestions of chalk, salt, and herb, and a finish that preserves a balance between fat and refreshment.

 Grape Varieties
Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat 55%, Sylvaner 45%

※Cepage varies slightly according to vintage.

Hugel Sylvaner Hugel Sylvaner Classic

A dry white wine with firm regional character, fresh and agreeably easy to drink, particularly when young. At its best with all light, uncomplicated meals.

 Grape Varieties
Sylvaner 100%

Hugel Pinot Blanc Hugel Pinot Blanc Classic

This wine is delicate and refined with a robust structure. It is subtle and mellow but fresh at the same time so it will make an excellent aperitif. It is well-balanced, satin-textured, and packed with apples, pears and hints of lemon.

 Grape Variety
Pinot Blanc 100%

Hugel Riesling  Hugel Riesling Classic

Riesling, the most noble of the white wines, has a dry and aristocratic taste and the climate and geology of Alsace maximizes the potential of this variety. Its elegance distinctly towers above the rest. This mineral and herbal tea-scented wine offers detailed flavors of stone, chalk and crisp apples.

 Grape Variety
Riesling 100%

Hugel Gewurztraminer Hugel Gewurztraminer Classic

This is the wonderful signature wine of Alsace. This richly aromatic expression of this grape variety is at its best only in Alsace. This wine has aromas of pungent herbs, white pepper and rose petal that lead to a juicy, rose-petal scented palate. It retains a balance of textural richness and juiciness as well as an absence of austerity.

 Grape Variety
Gewurztraminer 100%

Hugel Pinot Noir Hugel Pinot Gris Classic

Pinot Gris truly dry and gastronomic which reveals itseft at the table!
Rich and rounded, although still dry, it is ideal with terrines, white meats and fish in sauce.
Of all the Alsace varieties, Pinot Gris has the greatest ageing potential.

 Grape Variety
Pinot Gris 100%

Hugel Pinot Noir Hugel Pinot Noir Classic

This easy to drink wine, made from the Bourgogne grape variety, honors the distinct characteristics of Alsace. It has aromas of ripe black cherry and blackberry, sandalwood, and cinnamon. It has both richness and elegance, a striking sense of sheer viscosity, enormous fruit covering its tannins, and a sappy, spicy, black-fruited and chalky cling.

 Grape Variety
Pinot Noir 100%

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