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Pure Extra Brut NV

Pol Roger Pure Extra Brut has been created to complete the Pol Roger range of champagnes and to offer new sensations to connoisseurs. This cuvee is above all an exercise in the House style, where a wine has been crafted in its most natural state, without losing the spirit of the other champagnes made by Pol Roger. Authentic expression of the diversity of terroirs, this undosed champagne is born of the perfect balance of the three Champagne grape varieties, blended in equal proportions. The achievement of such balance and structure is the fruit of long labors in which the choice of the wines for blending, and the ageing of at least three years have required a rigor and integrity that are reflected in the wine itself.

Pure NV Extra Brut

 Grape variety
Pinot Noir 33%, Chardonnay 33%, Pinot Meunier 33%. Brut Reserve is traditionally blended from 30 different varieties of Cru, Cepage and Vintage wine. Pinot Noir gives structure and depth, the Pinot Meunier contributes a rich fruity taste and the Chardonnay lends subtlety and finesse.

※The cepage differs slightly according to the vintage.

 Wine-making and Maturing
Essentially only cuvee is used. Once the must has been clarified, the wine is fermented in strictly temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, thereby preserving the aroma and fruity characteristics. The wine is then aged in the deepest, low temperature underground cellar in Epernay for a minimum of three years. Remuage is carried out manually by a specialist craftsman and then it is left to settle until adjustment is complete before shipping. No dosage is carried out, hence the name "Pure".

 Tasting Notes:
The golden color, dense and brilliant, is shot through with thousands of bubbles. The fresh and lively nose expresses a fine, complex register of cloves and roses, developing into hints of breadcrumbs, yeast and citrus fruit. In the mouth, the attack is fine and straight as an arrow - surprising after the mature, concentrated nose. A sumptuous, fine and well structured wine. The aromas of honey and cloves come through with subtlety, giving the wine extra depth and contributing to its good length.


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