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Brut Rosé 2008

The first three months of 2008 were very dry, followed by two months of heavy rainfall. Without any spring frost, the development of the vines was promising. A warm and sunny June provided optimal conditions for owering. August was cold and humid, however it was followed by warmth and sunshine in September, which encouraged an exceptional development of the bunches and the grapes were very healthy at the time of the harvest. The earliest parcels were picked on 6th September and the latest on 25th September.

The 2008 vintage displayed a potential average degree of 10.2% and total acidity: 7H2SO4g/l.

Brut Rosé 2008

 Grape Variety
Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 35% The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes used are harvested from 20 Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards. The wine then has 15% still red wine from Champagne added to the blend to give it its red hue and beautiful aroma before being transferred to bottle.

※The cepage differs slightly according to vintage.

 Wine-making and Maturing
Essentially only cuvee is used. Once the must has been clarified, the wine is fermented in strictly temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, thereby preserving the aroma and fruity characteristics. The wine is then aged in the deepest, low temperature underground cellar in Epernay for a minimum of three years. Remuage is carried out manually by a specialist craftsman and after dosage (about 11 grams to a liter) it is left to settle until adjustment is complete before shipping.

 Tasting Notes
An intense pink peppercorn colour with a fine stream of persistent bubbles. The nose has aromas of red fruits and summer berries. On the palate the first impression is freshness with notes of fragrant wild strawberry, this develops into creamy ripeness with a hint of vanilla. If the wine is allowed to blossom in the glass, a further layer of citrus aromas appears, with notes of grapefruit on the finish.

The wine boasts a linear structure and rare finesse complemented by intensity of flavour. This is a Rose Champagne with great personality.

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